The Aston Plan

At Hollowells we pride ourselves on giving not only the best but a complete service. A service that encompasses all that is required without compromise at a fixed price. A dignified service that allows us to help you plan a service that truly represents the person who has passed away. We’ve been helping our families this way for a long time. We are proud of what our families say about us. If you’d like to see what they say, click here.

The Aston Plan includes the Aston coffin, all arranging, conducting and staff, collection of your loved one (during normal office hours), use of the chapel of rest, design team and orders of service, donation management, a Mercedes hearse, a service in church or other venue prior to burial or cremation, use of audio equipment, for cremation the collection and presentation of ashes in a Hollowells scatter tube (if required), for burial a marker cross, Hollowells unique aftercare service, commemorative obituary card, funeral guide and When We Remember Book. The only things not included are the third-party fees that we pay to others on your behalf.

The Aston coffin is handcrafted with care in Northampton and furnished by Hollowells. You can choose to have your loved one dressed in a gown or in their own clothes. The Aston coffin is veneered in light Oak and is suitable for both burial and cremation. Coffin upgrades are available at an additional cost.

We will take as much time as you need to arrange the funeral. Your funeral arranger will be with you every step of the way. We will discuss everything to do with the funeral with you. It can be a daunting time and we don’t want you to feel pressured into making any choices that you are not comfortable with. The choice of day, date and time of the funeral is yours to make, and we will, subject to the availability of others, do our best to realise this. If there is something you would like, please ask so we can investigate this for you. Don’t worry about changing your mind if you want to change something it’s not a problem.

In most cases your funeral arranger will be your funeral conductor and will be present on the day of the service. It’s good to have some continuity. They will be available before, throughout and after the funeral service for guidance and advice. The funeral conductor will be accompanied by Hollowells drivers and bearers to make sure the service happens just as you want it.

Whatever the time of day or night we will bring your loved on into our care and look after them until the day of the service. They will be cared for at one of our two funeral homes and not at an off-site hub. You are welcome to visit our chapels of rest, available at both funeral homes.

Our design team will help you create a fitting order of service. We are lucky to have an in-house design team who will discuss your requirements and produce a proof order of service for your approval. The orders of service are printed in full colour on white card and should you wish can include photographs. Once approved we will print the orders of service and deliver them to the service venue. In addition, we will print an additional 10 orders of service as well as a commemorative obituary card and bookmark just for you. All printing is done in-house to minimise delay.

Our design team are also on hand to help you to arrange webcasts, service recordings and visual tributes as well as making sure that the music choices you want are available. If a service venue has no facility to play music we will provide an appropriate music player and someone to press the buttons.

We are happy to be able to manage any charitable donations in memory of your loved one on your behalf. We have a dedicated member of staff who on receipt of a donation will acknowledge the donation and if appropriate send a Gift Aid form. We can accept donations in person at our offices, with a Donation Box at the service, over the telephone, through the post and on-line. We don’t take any money from the donation, and we absorb any credit card charges. Absolutely everything given goes to the charity.

We are very proud of our fleet of Mercedes Hearses and Limousines. A hearse is included in The Aston Plan. For a touch of nostalgia, you could upgrade to our Imperial Hearse, or as we affectionately call her ‘Edna’. If you need a limousine to get you to the service venue, we would be very happy to supply one. Normally the cortege would come to your home or other address, travel to the service venue and then the limousine would take you back home or to another local venue of your choice.

There is no additional charge for the funeral to leave from your own home or to have a service at a church or other venue before moving on to the crematorium, cemetery or churchyard.

We will collect your loved one’s ashes from the crematorium and look after them until you have decided what’s best. We like to give you time to reflect on this decision. If you are unsure about what to do with them your funeral director would be happy to discuss options. Unless you instruct us otherwise they will be transferred to a Hollowells scatter tube.

If the funeral service involves a burial, including a burial of cremated remains we will provide a solid oak marker cross with engraved plate to identify the grave until you have had the chance to arrange a more permanent memorial.

At Hollowells we always like to lead the way. We are proud of our unique aftercare service. One of our colleagues will visit you to see how you are getting on. If they can’t meet you in person, they will give you a call. Either way they’ll have an informal chat with you and if appropriate will talk to you about bereavement support services.

We give all our families the best service we possibly can, and we believe our comprehensive Aston Plan is the best way to do this.

It may be that the Aston Plan is not what you require. Should this be the case we can offer our Standardised Price List which includes both Attended and Unattended funeral services.

The Aston  £3030.00
Additional Options:
– Limousine £250.00
– Solid oak casket (suitable for ashes) £100.00
– Metal urn (suitable for ashes) £50.00
– Biodegradable (cardboard) casket (suitable for ashes) £16.00
– Scatter tubes. Differing designs, colours and sizes (suitable for ashes) from £15.00
– Collection (of the person who has passed away) outside of normal working hours £150.00
– Reception of the coffin into a house, church or other venue overnight or more than one hour before the service time £200.00
– Attendance at a burial of ashes outside of normal working hours £75.00
– Webcast from church (provided by a third party) from £500.00 + VAT
– Supply of a musician Price on request
– Press notices. Local or national publications Price on request
– Catering Price on request
– Alternative coffins Price on request
– Alternative hearses Price on request
– Floral Tributes from £30.00
– Notice of funeral arrangements with a donation link (where appropriate) on the Hollowells website free of charge
Plus disbursement (third party) fees that we pay on your behalf