Wicker Coffin, Cardboard Coffin & Ecoffins for Natural & Woodland Burials across Northampaton, Wellingborough & Kettering

Wicker, Seagrass, Cardboard & Banana Leaf Coffins

Eco coffins are a requirement for natural burial ground and woodland burials. It offers an alternative to our standard coffins for any funeral.

From cardboard coffins, to the more classic wicker coffins and seagrass coffins, at Hollowells we offer a range of eco-friendly materials for unique, eco funerals. We also provide bespoke floral displays to be woven into the framework of coffins made with woven materials, such as wicker coffin flowers.

Due to the nature of the materials and the different suppliers used in the manufacture of this type of eco coffins, there may be significant colour variations compared to the pictures shown. We cannot guarantee that any coffin selected will match exactly the picture shown. From time to time the availability of this type of coffin may be limited by the supplier.

Get in touch with us for more information about our range of eco coffins including our seagrass coffins, wicker coffins and cardboard coffins for natural burials.

Traditional Wicker/Willow

Curved Wicker/Willow

Traditional Seagrass

Curved Seagrass

An Eco Coffin from Hollowells range, the Banana Curved Funeral Coffin

Traditional Banana Leaf

Banana Curved Funeral Coffin

Curved Banana Leaf