Direct Cremations & Prepaid Direct Cremation Plans in Northampton

If you watch daytime television you will have no doubt seen countless adverts for Direct Cremation or had information posted to you.

But what is Direct Cremation?

Direct Cremation is a service whereby your loved one is taken directly to a crematorium for cremation. Their ashes are then returned to you afterwards. It is a cheap alternative to a traditional funeral. No pomp and ceremony. No personal touch. No service.

It is a common misconception that traditional funeral directors do not offer this type of service. Hollowells do.

A Hollowells Direct Cremation doesn’t mean the service doesn’t have to have that personal touch.

Unlike most direct cremations at Hollowells we understand that whilst some may prefer a cremation without a funeral service, they still need time to say goodbye.

The option of our additional care packages allows for preparation, embalming, dressing a loved one in their own clothes and use of our Chapel of Rest, allowing you, your family and friends to come and say goodbye.

A Hollowells Direct Cremation starts from as little as £1388.00. *

* Including all disbursement (third-party) fees, transport to the crematorium, no additional options and a simple veneered coffin (we hope to be moving to a more environmentally friendly cardboard option soon).

A Hollowells Direct Cremation removes the ambiguity of the mainstream direct cremation operators and gives you the opportunity to add options to celebrate a life without the need for a traditional funeral service.
  • The service will be held at a local crematorium. This means that your loved one won’t be taken to a different part of the country for the cremation.
  • Your loved one will be looked after by Hollowells a local independent funeral director. They will never be that far from you. You can add the option to have them dressed in their own clothes.
  • You can add the option to visit your loved one in our chapel of rest giving you and your family the opportunity to celebrate their life and giving friends the chance to come and say goodbye. We feel this is particularly important as there is comfort to be gained in visiting the chapel of rest. For some it may be an essential part of the grieving process and could be therapeutic.
  • Your loved ones ashes can be returned to you in a simple container or we can ask the crematorium to contact you about the services they offer.

Direct Funerals are also available as a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan Option.

Please contact us for more details.