Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

In recent times, we’re finding more and more people are planning for the future with pre-paid funeral plans. Many want to plan ahead so that when they do pass away, the costs for their funeral are not passed onto their family. This is where a Funeral Plan can really help. Hollowells Funeral Directors of Northampton offer funeral plans that have the following practical benefits.

Funeral Planning Explained

  • We guarantee the selection of your choice at today’s prices, regardless of when the funeral may be needed.
  • You choose what kind of funeral you would like, instead of your family and friends having to guess. You can choose a set plan or we can tailor every detail exactly as you want it.
  • Total security – your funeral payments are placed in the Funeral Planning Trust, with Capita Trust Company Limited as custodian trustee.
  • The service is provided by Hollowells, an independent funeral director with an established reputation. If you move home you can transfer your plan through a network of professional firms across the UK.
  • Your relatives will be spared a financial burden, at what could be a difficult and distressing time for them.
  • Your plan can be purchased with a once-only payment or by instalments – whichever suits you best.
  • There is no age limit and there are no questions about your health.
  • You can purchase a plan by post or you can sit down and discuss the details with us – whichever you choose. There are no “pressure sales” involved.
  • Our money-back promise: if you are not happy with your plan you can have a full refund – no fuss!

A Guaranteed Funeral Plan

  • An increasing number of people choose to pay for their funeral themselves now, rather than set aside a sum of money or an insurance policy towards the cost.
  • With the savings or insurance options your family will usually have to pay for the funeral themselves then hope to get the money from your estate, often months later.
  • But, with a guaranteed funeral plan the service has already been paid for – a much more practical solution.

How do I Purchase a Plan?
Purchasing a funeral plan is easy and does not require an interview, unless you want one.

Decide which one of the popular plans suits you best or ask your funeral director to quote for your own personal wishes. If you need advice on this point please do not hesitate to contact our team

If you’re interested in a funeral plan and would like some more information, just call our expert team on 01604 79 22 22.