Funeral Planning

Prepaid Funeral Plans in Northampton, Kettering & Wellingborough

Planning Your Own Funeral

Whether you live in Northampton, Kettering or Wellingborough, prepaid funeral plans allow you to pay for your funeral in advance so that your relatives don’t have to cover all the costs themselves. By planning your own funeral now by prepaid plan, you pay at today’s prices and protect yourself and your family from the rising costs of funerals.

If you would like to start your own prepaid funeral plan, you can fill out this form to let us know your wishes. Please complete all the fields and then click the print button at the end. You can print and keep a copy for yourself & your next-of-kin.

If you have any questions about our prepaid funeral plans or need advice on planning your own funeral, visit our funeral planning page or contact us on 01604 79 22 22. We’re here for you.

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