Welcome Back to Beech Avenue

We’d like to welcome our families back to Beech Avenue.  Throughout the pandemic our offices and chapels have been open for families, but unfortunately not to make funeral arrangements.

Meeting you face to face to make funeral arrangements is something that we have missed and while talking on the phone has worked out well it’s no substitute for meeting with you at what can be the most difficult of times.

Like most places we do have some restrictions:

  • Most importantly if you have been in physical contact with someone who has Covid-19 and sadly this includes the person who has passed away we won’t be able to see you until 14 days have elapsed and you need to be symptom free. 
  • Due to the size of our offices we can only allow two family members to come and make arrangements. This allows us to observe social distancing.
  • As with shops, the wearing of masks in our offices is mandatory. So you don’t feel uncomfortable we’ll wear one too.

We will try to make your visit as comfortable as possible. We will make sure that the offices are thoroughly cleaned before and after each use. We will supply hand sanatiser for you to use and a pen it you haven’t one of your own.  There will be tea and coffee. Importantly we will be here for you.

Hopefully in the not too distant future we will be able to come and visit you at home too.

Take good care of yourselves.