The Bearing of Coffins at The Counties Crematorium, Northampton.

As from Monday, 28 September we will no longer be able to shoulder bear coffins into the chapel at The Counties Crematorium. This isn’t a decision of our making; it is a rule we are asked to adhere to from The Crematorium Management Group who own this and several other crematoriums. This rule is to help protect the crematorium staff.

The rule applies only to The Counties Crematorium, Northampton. We are still able to shoulder bear at Wellingborough and Kettering crematoriums, at churches and in cemeteries.

From Monday, 28 September all coffins taken into the chapel at the crematorium will be carried on a wheel bier via the rear door of the crematorium and then lifted on to the catafalque.

If family members want to help bear a coffin into the chapel, they can do this, however it is mandatory that they wear both gloves and a face covering. Hollowells staff will be with you every step of the way for help and guidance.

If you have any questions about this or anything else regarding changes and disruption to our services during the pandemic, please get in contact.

And, as always – Stay Safe.