I just wanted to say thank you to you for all that your employees did for us.
To Colin and Jack who came to the house to transport her remains. They treated Jill with such dignity and respect. They understood our fears and concerns and did everything they could to accommodate our wishes. Colin even offered to stand with me a little while once they had put Jill in the vehicle, as I had suddenly become upset.
To Ann O'Neill who met with my Father in Law, Steve, and his sons for the initial chat. She was so good at reading their personalities and emotions so well, knowing that a bit of humour was appropriate, well placed and necessary at times. It really helped them to feel comfortable about the decisions they were making.
To Chloe who led the funeral on the day. Again, she was so good at reading us and making us feel relaxed and comfortable. Never rushing us. Allowing Steve to sit in one of the cars for as long as he needed after the funeral before going in to the pub because it had gotten too much for him.

(Feb 2020)