I am writing to you as the head of your wonderful business to let you know about my experience of your services.

From the moment my Mum was collected from her care home in the small hours of the morning, I felt a sense of great comfort that she was in your care. The gentlemen who came could not have been kinder or more gentle, and I am so grateful for that. I was then put in touch with Amy who I feel is an extraordinary human being. I am sure that there are many who can make arrangements in this world, but very few who can do it with the sensitivity, consideration and genuine feeling that Amy does. I don’t think I will ever forget her. I absolutely knew that Amy wanted to best for me and the best for Mum because she listened so intently to me and she just understood. Amy gently guided me through, from all the decisions I needed to make to seeing Mum before her funeral. The trust that a family put in a funeral directors to care for their loved one is a unique one, and it is unthinkable to even wonder momentarily if that person might not be being treated as you would hope. I truly believe that Amy cared what my Mum wanted and how she liked to be treated - and she knew how to carry that out. That is a rare gift indeed, and I appreciate how seamless and how extraordinarily kind Amy made the process.

Sadly Amy had another family to look after during Mum’s funeral, so David was with us. What a lovely, respectful, calm man he is, he was an incredible support to us all through the funeral service.

The gentlemen who carried Mum’s coffin were also faultless - such professionalism, and again, I am very grateful indeed for that.

Amy’s words and actions will stay with me forever. It is very important to me that you know that her service is way over and above any expectations I could ever have had ( and I can be a tough one to please!). Your organisation in general is amazing and I could not have asked for more. For a daughter to be able to say that about her very very special mother’s funeral arrangements is astonishing, and I congratulate you on all the training and preparation that goes into making this happen.

(Feb 2020)