Sponsorship of The Northampton Male Voice Choir

Despite the lock down and the limitations of the Coronavirus, the Northampton Male Voice Choir have, adhering to social distancing continued to practice on a Tuesday evening and have posted some excellent songs to YouTube – click to enjoy ‘The Sound of Silence’.

Normally in June the choir would celebrate at their Summer Sunday Lunch. Last year Annette and Paul Hollowell joined the choir for lunch giving them the perfect opportunity to present the choir with a sponsorship cheque. Sadly this year there will be no lunch or cheque. However DON’T despair because the sponsorship continues and the cheque has been replaced by a bank transfer!

Hopefully when the restrictions are lifted and life gets back to normality the choir will be out and about Northampton singing and bringing enjoyment to hundreds of people of all ages, and we, the Hollowell family will be there to spur them on.