Special Delivery for Hollowells

Hollowells are extremely proud of our all Mercedes fleet, so it is always a very proud moment when part of that fleet is renewed.


_DSF2096Part of our commitment to providing the best possible service to our Clients is the continued investment in our fleet to ensure that our funeral transport provides the best possible style and comfort. The arrival of the transporter in Brafield on the Green caused a bit of a stir this morning but also represents a significant change to the Hollowells fleet.


The older vehicles in our fleet had been with us since 2007 so the time had come for those to be renewed. At the time they were the first of the new “low roof line” Binz hearses, quite a break with tradition and set a new trend for sleeker designed hearses. With the recent introduction of the new Mercedes E-Class, Binz have now released the new version of their stylish hearse. A perfect opportunity for Hollowells to refresh the fleet.

With improved comfort and efficiency, these new vehicles represent a sensible investment for Hollowells, our Clients and the environment, and will continue to enhance our strong reputation in Northampton.