Bereavement Help and Support

Our team understands that when someone very close to you has died, friends and relatives gather round to help you through the first few difficult days. Then, inevitably, they must take up their own lives again.

You are left, seemingly alone, to cope with your grief and all the problems and paperwork connected with a bereavement. There are details for probate, insurance, Social Security, taxes, home maintenance and many other things that you may not have dealt with before. Without someone to share these problems with, it is all too easy to bottle things up, becoming frustrated, angry, depressed and lonely.

Bereavement Help Support (BHS) have carefully chosen and trained counsellors that can talk with you in complete confidence. A problem shared is a problem halved – They may be able to give you practical help and advice by putting you in touch with other agencies who could be of assistance at the time of your loss.

All costs for counselling and emotional support are underwritten by Hollowells Funeral Directors.

If you’re interested in Bereavement Help Supports services, just contact our team on 01604 79 22 22 – we’re here for you.