Northampton Crematorium Allows More Mourners to Attend Services

A little bit of good news!

The Counties Crematorium, Northampton as from Monday, 6th July will increase the numbers of mourners allowed to attend a cremation service to 28. This is a positive move, however it is important that the rules put in place to allow it are followed, if not it will be reduced back to 18.

The front (larger) two pews either side of the aisle are for family groups who either live in the same household or have formed a family bubble according to government guidelines. These pews can hold a maximum of five each. The pews behind will be able to accommodate only two mourners each, regardless of same households or family bubbles. For some, this will mean not being able to sit next to others in your family which isn’t ideal, however it does mean more people can attend, which overall is a good thing.

All other previously reported restrictions remain in place.

This change applies only to The Counties Crematorium, Northampton.

If you are have or think you have symptoms of Covid-19 please do not put others at risk by attending a funeral service.

Be safe. Hollowells.