Limousines are Back!

From Tuesday, 1st September we are glad to be able to use our limousines again, but as with everything during the pandemic there are rules to be followed to protect you and us:

• If you or any of your household/social group develop symptoms or contract Coronavirus you should limit the spread of the virus by not attending the funeral service.
• Passengers who have been in contact with, are presenting symptoms of or who have Coronavirus, should not travel in the limousine.
• If between the time the funeral arrangements were made and the day of the funeral any of those due to travel in the limousine develop symptoms of Coronavirus or the virus itself they must not travel. If any of these people been in contact with others who were due to travel in the limousine, unfortunately those people will also be unable to travel in the limousine.
• All passengers should wear a mask or face covering in the limousine at all times.
• The maximum number of passengers is 6. This includes children of all ages.
• All passengers will sit in the rear of the vehicle. The front passenger seat will not be used under any circumstances.
• The applicant for the funeral should be one of the passengers. If not the name, address and
telephone number of at least one of the passengers should be provided to us at least 24 hours in advance.
• If you have to cancel the limousine because of Coronavirus you will not be charged.
• Please do not change the passengers for others or add extra passengers to the vehicle once the journey has commenced.
• The driver will wear a face covering and gloves.
• When entering the vehicle the driver will open the doors and step back to allow you access.
• When leaving the vehicle the driver will open the doors, step back to allow you to alight.
• The limousine (seats, screen, internal doors, handles, switches, etc.) will be sanatised after your journey.
• We have been advised that air conditioning should not be used.
• Hand sanatiser will be provided. Please use it and take it with you afterwards.
• Please do not leave anything in the limousine. Please take everything with you.

Should Northamptonshire go in to lock-down or if any additional local measures that are beyond our control are in force that prevent us from using limousines, we will notify you as soon as reasonably possible. In this instance you will not be charged for the limousine.