Coronavirus Update

It is June and there has been a partial lift of the lockdown in accordance with Government advice and for some this means seeing their families after a considerable time of absence, however for others very little has changed.

Unfortunately, with funerals the latter is true and very little if anything has changed.

We are now allowing visits to our chapel of rest for you to say goodbye to those who have passed away from Coronavirus or a related illness. However for your own safety and that of our staff the coffin will be closed at the time of the visit. We hope this compromise offers you the chance to sit quietly, reflect and say goodbye. Visiting, adhering to guidelines will be limited to two at a time and those suffering from or exhibiting sign of infection should not attend.

Churches and cemetery chapels remain closed. Crematoriums continue to restrict the numbers of those attending and we are still unable to offer limousines.

As a reminder:

The Counties Crematorium, Northampton. Up to 18 mourners in total. Social distancing must be respected, mourners must, sit apart in the chapel and should avoid crowding together in the flower courtyard and grounds following a service.

Nene Valley Crematorium, Wellingborough. Up to 18 mourners in the chapel with the option to have an additional 12 watching from outside. Social distancing must be respected, and mourners must sit apart from each other in the chapel and stand apart from each other when viewing from outside. Following the service crowding in the flower courtyard and grounds should be avoided.

Warren Hill Crematorium, Kettering. Up to 18 mourners in total. Social distancing must be respected. To aid this in both chapels seating has been removed and rearranged to conform to the social distancing regulations. The seating layout is not able to be adapted. Please do not move the seats or ask for them to be moved.  As with both previous crematoria, please do not crowd in the flower courtyard or grounds following the service.

Cemeteries and Churchyards. There is no specific limit on the number allowed to attend however social distancing must be respected. The following guidance is given:

  • Spouse/Partner
  • Parents/carers
  • Brothers/Sisters
  • Children (and partners)

This must be done sensitively and consider individual circumstances. For example, if the deceased person had few, if any immediate, relatives but close a friend wished to attend the service, that would be reasonable – or in the case of the death of a grandparent, attendance by the grandchildren would be appropriate.

Most importantly, if you have Coronavirus, suspect you have Coronavirus or are exhibiting any of the symptoms associated with Coronavirus you must NOT attend a funeral service.

Please take care of yourselves.