Coronavirus Update

Following the advice new given by government here is a recap on what is and isn’t allowed at funerals during the Coronavirus pandemic. Unfortunately, not much has changed and none of the previous restrictions have been lifted.

If you are visiting our offices or chapel of rest, we kindly ask that only two attend at the same time and only if you are from the same household, if not then just one at a time. We appreciate that some would rather see us in person than speak on the telephone and we have offices big enough to observe social distancing and can accommodate you if needed.

You shouldn’t attend our office if you have or are showing any symptoms of Coronavirus.

Until social distancing is relaxed, we are unable to supply limousines. As big as they are the distance between the passengers and the driver is not enough and we shouldn’t be encouraging passengers from different households to travel together in a confined space.

We are very lucky in Northampton in as much that we are still able to give you choices regarding funerals, in some other counties these choices have been greatly reduced. We want to give you the service you would expect, and we are trying very hard to make this happen. To help us to achieve this the health and safety of our staff is paramount. If we can’t work, we can’t supply the service.

All churches of all faiths and cemetery chapels remain closed.

The Counties Crematorium, Northampton is allowing 18 mourners to attend, there can be no more than this. At the end of the service the curtains can either close around the coffin or remain open. If they remain open mourners are discouraged from touching the coffin on the way out.

Nene Valley Crematorium, Wellingborough is allowing 18 mourners in the chapel with a further 12 to stand outside in the courtyard where the service is show on a screen. These numbers cannot be increased. The curtains or the voile will close around the coffin at the end of the service.

Warren Hill Crematorium, Kettering is allowing a maximum of 18 mourners in each of its chapels, this number cannot be increased. At the end of the service the curtains can either close around the coffin or remain open. If they remain open mourners are discouraged from touching the coffin on the way out.

All the crematoriums suggest that a touching final gesture could be to wave or blow a kiss.

All the crematorium listed can supply a live webcast of the service. This is particularly helpful for those who are self-isolating or shielding and those who are unable to attend due to the restrictions in place.

All burial services will be held at graveside. In our local borough cemeteries we have been asked to remind you that you shouldn’t arrive more than 15 minutes ahead of the interment time and that graveside services are limited to 30 minutes per service unless a double burial time has been arranged. After the 30 minute service time has elapsed the cemetery staff will begin to back-fill the grave. Mourners are encouraged to leave the cemetery so as not to disturb any other funeral taking place.

In order to conform to social distancing, the following should be observed for all services taking into account restrictions on numbers placed by individual crematoriums:

The funerals should only be attended by:

  • Members of the person’s household.
  • Close family members.
  • If the deceased has neither household nor family members in attendance, then it is possible for a modest number of friends to be present.

We are here to help and If you have any questions please do call us for advice.