Churches Opening For Services

In line with government guidelines and following advice from the House of Bishops (Church of England) we are happy to announce that as from today, Monday, 15 June 2020 Northampton’s churches are open for funeral services.

Whilst this is good news there is some important information that you need to be aware of:

  • It applies to Church of England churches only. Hopefully, we will have news of other churches soon.
  • The minister of a church has the the right not to open a church. This is not a blanket policy covering all churches.
  • There will be no organist, as such there will be no hymns.
  • There will be no verger.
  • Current social distancing rules apply in church in the same way they do everywhere else.
  • The number of mourners allowed to attend will be dependent on the size and layout of a church and importantly the minister will have the final decision on this.
  • This change in policy applies only to funeral services.

If you would prefer to have a service in church prior to committal at a churchyard, cemetery or crematorium please contact us. We will then contact the church on your behalf to establish if the church is open and able to accommodate a funeral service.

Stay safe.