Changes to How Many Can Attend a Funeral.

Across the weekend news was shared stating that the 30 mourner limit in England is to be removed later this month. As of Monday, 17th May, the number of people allowed to attend a funeral service in England will be decided by each venue’s capacity to host mourners in a two meter socially distanced, Covid secure way. 

As yet there have been no updates to show how this will affect numbers at our local crematoriums and churches. Once known we will share this information with you. It is unlikely that we will be able to supply a concise list including every crematorium, church and venue, however we would be happy to contact any venue on your behalf to find out how many attendees they will allow.

The number of people permitted at a wake or ashes scatting, will increase from 15 people to 30 as of Monday, 17th May.

As always – Stay Safe.